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  • White House Farm
  • Eagle Moor
  • Lincoln
  • LN6 9DP
  • Mobile: 07778 121653
  • Ansafone: 01522 691254

DRESSAGE and Show Jumping Sunday 17th September 2017

Dressage times below, show jumping starts 10am as usual with clear round, then the 60cm from 10.45.

The 90cm will NOT start before 1.00pm.

We will probably be fairly quiet, but as you all know, the going is great!!


We are endeavouring to encourage pre-entry for show jumping either on-line via or by post/in person. For this there is a discount of £2 per entry at £9 instead of the £11 on the day price.
For each day there will be an APPROXIMATE timetable. Obviously actual class times will depend on entries on the day, but it does give us all some idea where we are at!
You can phone me on the day on 07778 121653 to see how we are doing.